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Privacy Policy

Processing  your  personal  information
ProCoach  Sports  Ltd  are  committed  to  protecting   and  respecting  your  privacy.

For  any  personal  data   you  provide  for  the  purposes  of  providing  coaching   services,  ProCoach  Sports  Ltd  is  the  Data  Controller   and  is  responsible  for  storing  and  otherwise   processing  that  data  in  a  fair,  lawful,  secure  and   transparent  way.

If  you  choose  to  give  us  personal  information,  such   as  your  name,  contact  details  and  date  of  birth  (for   example  to  register  for  coaching  services)  then  this   will  be  held  and  processed  by  ProCoach  Sports  Ltd   in  accordance  with  the  General  Data  Protection   Regulations.

You  may  give  us  information  about   you  by  filling  in  forms  at  an  event  or  online,  or  by   corresponding  with  us  by  phone,  e-­mail  or   otherwise.  This  includes  information  you  provide   when  you  register  with  ProCoach  Sports  Ltd.

Use  of  your  personal  information

Pro  Coach  Sports  Ltd  may  use  and  share  your   personal  information  for  the  following  purposes:
•   To  perform  the  services  you  have  requested   which  may  involve  contacting  you  by  post  or   e-­mail
•   To  process  admissions  forms  and  payments
•   To  ensure  the  safety  of  a  child
•   To  allow  ProCoach  Sports  Ltd  to  administer   your  application,  for  instance  by  organising   tournaments  and  to  administer  coaching   sessions
•   To  market  to  you  ProCoach  Sports  Ltd   services,  newsletters  and  other  purposes  you   may  have  consented  to  in  submitting  your   personal  data Our  lawful  basis  for  processing  your  personal  is  to   provide  the  services  you  are  registering  for.

If  you   have  any  questions  about  the  continuing  privacy  of   your  personal  data  when  it  is  shared,  please  contact

ProCoach  Sports  does  not  supply  any  personal   data  it  holds  to  any  other  third  party  for  marketing   purposes.     Sensitive  personal  information   Sometimes  ProCoach  Sports  will  collect  and   process  sensitive  personal  data  relating  to  you  or   your  child  e.g.  medical  conditions.

By  submitting  your  personal  information  to  us,  you   signify  your  consent  to  our  using  the  information   provided  in  the  manner  described  above.  If  we   amend  our  privacy  policy,  it  will  be  published  on   this  web  site.  If  at  any  time  you  wish  to  update  the   information  which  we  hold  about  you,  or  if  you  wish   to  stop  receiving  information  from  ProCoach  Sports   Ltd,  please  contact  ProCoach  Sports  on

How  long  we  hold  your  personal  data   We  will  hold  your  personal  data  on  file  for  as  long   as  ProCoach  Sports  Ltd  are  providing  coaching   services  to  you  /  your  child.  Contact  data  is   reviewed  and  updated  on  an  annual  basis.  Any   personal  data  we  hold  on  you  will  be  securely   destroyed  after  one  year  of  inactivity  in  line  with   ProCoach  Sports  Ltd  retention  policy.

Your  data  is   not  processed  for  any  further  purposes  other  than   those  detailed  in  this  policy.     Your  rights  regarding  your  personal  data   As  a  data  subject  you  may  have  the  right  at  any   time  to  request  access  to,  rectification  or  erasure  of   your  personal  data.    If  you  would  like  a  copy  of   your  personal  data  please  contact  ProCoach   Sports  Ltd  on

As  a  data   subject  you  are  not  obliged  to  share  your  personal   data  with  ProCoach  Sports  Ltd.  If  you  choose  not to  share  your  personal  data  with  us  we  may  not  be   able  to  provide  coaching  services.     Staff  coaching  team     Pro  Coach  Sports  Ltd  aims  to  ensure  that  those   who  take  up  appointments  do  not  pose  a  risk  to  the   children  in  its  care.  Pro  Coach  Sports  Ltd  will   process  criminal  records  data  disclosed  by  the   DBS  (formerly  known  as  CRB).  This  will  be   processed  in  accordance  with  the  DBS  (formerly   known  as  CRB)’s  Code  of  Practice  for  Registered   Persons.

ProCoach  Sports  operates  the  following  web  sites:     ProCoach  Sports  also  operates  the  following  social   media  pages;;  Facebook.  All  members  are  free  to   join  these  pages.  If  you  join  one  of  the  Social  Media   pages,  please  note  that  provider  of  the  social  media   platform(s)  have  their  own  privacy  policies  and  that   the  club  do  not  accept  any  responsibility  or  liability   for  these  policies.

GDPR  Policy  
Our  GDPR  data  protection  policy  (including  our   retention  policy)  is  available  on  request  from